About Exile Life

The Backstory

20 years have passed since the start of the EXILE. A handful of the original inmates are still alive and, using their knowledge of the island, these inmates have seized control of key towns across the island - forming four gangs: the Cartel, the Mafia, the Syndicate, and the Yakuza.

NATO leaders had long since forgotten the prisoners, but with the renewed violence it once again drew their attention. Their war with CSAT was rapidly draining all available resources and they saw an opportunity and seized it. Quickly and quietly, they moved a private security force to the island. These guards' mission: to control the island and start exporting the island's rich resources using the inmates as labour.

You are a fresh inmate, processed by the courts and shipped straight to EXILE. You have a choice: live a life of solitude under the radar, or pledge your life to a gang. Running away from the protection of the gangs may seem the more lucrative option. But be warned, the guards can only patrol so much of the island, and putting one step in the wrong territory could end your life.

The life of a gang member, on the other hand, requires strength, perseverance, and loyalty. Your gang is your family, shelter, job, and above all else, your protection. Prove your worth to your gang and you will find your place in its hierarchy. However, even in families, power comes at a cost and you may find that the only way to raise yourself above the rest is to remove them by force. Just remember that loyalty is rewarded, but a poorly-planned betrayal will lead to a punishment worse than death.

Welcome to Exile Life

The Features

We've worked our hardest to provide a unique, yet familiar, experience for both new life players and veterans alike. Please note that the below lists are subject to change.

Alpha Features
  • Built on Exile's Framework with a high attention to performance and security [Implemented]
  • Player Controlled Gangs [Implemented]
    • Recruit into one of the four gangs
    • Work your way up through the gang's hiearchy
  • Guard Faction [Implemented]
    • Player and AI controlled
    • Enforce the law
    • Transport goods to help fund the war effort
  • Soft Skills [Implemented]
    • Players level up their skills based on the activity they are doing
    • Player class gives a small boost towards certain skills
  • Limited resources [Implemented]
    • Resources like gold have limited supplies per restart
  • Refineries [Implemented]
    • Require player interaction to run
    • Starting up generators
    • Keeping them running
    • Refine ore to increase profit
  • Virtual Inventory [Implemented]
    • Works along side your normal inventory, allows players to essentally have two "inventories"
  • Full Day Night Cycle [Implemented]
    • 1 hour night, 3 hours day
  • Fishing [Implemented]
    • Spend countless hours on the beach, fishing your life away. Want profit from your catch? Sell it to the nearest trader!
  • Throwable Items [Implemented]
    • Tired of the guards? Throw rotten fruit at them!
  • Blackmarket [Implemented]
    • Need to sell/buy something that isn't offered at the other traders? Come on down to the black market, we got what you need... For a price.
  • Brewing [Implemented]
    • Ever wanted to try to make moonshine or your own cider? Now you can
    • Be careful to watch over your brew, or it could be poisoned by other players!
  • Farming System [WIP]
    • Farm to your hearts content! Plant and grow legal plants, and maybe some illegal plants. Depends on who is asking...
  • Dyanmic Job System [WIP]
    • Jobs are timed based and won't be available all the time
    • Traders and other AI may have random jobs for players
    • Player class dependent jobs: Certain jobs will require a certain class
    • Gang dependent jobs
    • Certain jobs can only be completed at night/day
  • Realistic Economy [WIP]
    • Prices of items are as close to their real life counterparts
  • Illegal Drugs [WIP]
    • Our island is full of drugs, grow them, make them, refine them, DO THEM!
  • Gang Boss System [WIP]
    • Control all aspects of your gang from one easy control panel.
    • Promote and demote people in your gang
    • Set bounties and hits out on other people
    • Set and control taxes and player wages
Beta Features
  • Hunting [To Be Implemented]
  • Weapon Crafting [To Be Implemented]
    • Craft weapons using weapon parts
  • Virtual Garage [To Be Implemented]
    • Vehicles are safely and securely stored virtually. Thanks Obama!
  • Vehicle Hiring [To Be Implemented]
    • Need a vehicle? Don't have the money for a new one? Rent a slightly used one today!
  • Advanced Medical System [To Be Implemented]
    • Break a leg! Literally!
  • XM8 Redesign [To Be Implemented]
    • XM8 Network
      • A weekly subscription to the XM8 network unlocks your network chip in your XM8. This allows you to call your friends, access SMS, network active apps, etc.
    • XM8 Mobile Phone
      • Want to call your friend on the server but don't have teamspeak? XM8 Network Subscribers can now call their friend from inside the game
  • Advanced Repairing [To Be Implemented]
    • Sorry, the island is out of duct tape, we have to repair the old fashion way, using actual vehicle parts.
  • Geo-Caches [To Be Implemented]
  • Gang Balancing [To Be Implemented]
  • Food Rotting [To Be Implemented]

Where To Play

Currently in development

As with any game, mod, or script for ArmA, development takes a decent amount of time.
Fear not, as that we are nearing closer and closer to Alpha. We plan on having an Alpha before the end of this year and to keep up-to-date with our development process, please check out our social media links in the Contact Us section.
- Exile Life Development Team

Development Blogs

Welcome To Exile Life

Oct. 4 2016

Hello everyone,
Welcome to our first of, hopefully many, dev blogs for Exile Life. We are very excited to show you what we have in store for the mod. As you can see in our features list, we have been working very hard to bring a unique, yet familiar, scenario to both our new life players and our veterans. We hope to provide an amazing experience that both immerse you... Read More

About Us

Exile Life Developers

Lead Developer


The mastermind behind the madness that we call Exile Life. One of the original inmates sent to EXILE, HappyDayZ has worked his way over the piles of fallen inmates to crown himself king of the island. Feared by all and supported by his Elites, HappyDayZ controls the island and the inmates on it. Be wary, his connections run as deep as the knife in your chest if you decide to betrey him or his elites.



When NATO needed guards to go to the island, TAP was the one to win the bid. Lead by their notorious leader, Valthos, TAP moved their operations to EXILE without realizing what they were up against. When the first few waves of guards were killed by the inmates on the island, Valthos realized that he needed to get creative in order to gain control of the island. After managing to get a message into the leading gang, he was able to come to an agreement with HappyDayZ. TAP would gained control of the main city, but that control is being threatened by the four opposing gangs.

Lead Assets


Dropped into EXILE very early on, shortly after the power agreement Andrew_S90 became HappyDayZ’s second hand man. Slowly climbing through the ranks while battling the newly found enemies, a life was created for them in EXILE. After the power surge had steadied he worked with the new recruit, SaintZ who both formed an alliance within the wing of their leader. Together they set off with the tools created for survival, that now reach the hands of every last exiled.



Wolf was exiled by the Arcadian High Command for his many war crimes. He is known to be a master of technology and was one of Arcadia's top agents. Due to this advantage, Wolf is a natural born leader and has no problem gathering elite followers to achieve his plan. He will kill all in his way and gained the name WolfKillArcadia from the whispers that follow his legend. Once Wolf arrived on EXILE, HappyDayZ quickly recruited him into his Elites, making him the most recent addition.

3D Modeler


Freshly sent to EXILE for crimes unreleased to the public, SaintZ quickly used his knowledge of crafting tools to survive the harsh environment of the island. Shortly after arriving, he found himself in the main city where he established himself by selling the tools he created. He quickly made a name for himself, which grabbed the attention of HappyDayZ and his elites. Soon after, SaintZ became his personal supplier of tools and equipment.

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