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    Developer Notes

    Updates from the Development Team.

    Welcome to ExileLife!

    We are very excited to show you what we have in store for our mod. As you can see in our features list, we have been working very hard to bring a unique, yet familiar, scenario to both our new life players and our veterans. We hope to provide an amazing experience that both immerse you into the gameplay and provide a reimagination of what a “life” server feels like. We’ve been getting some questions about ExileLife, so let’s take some time to answer some of them. 
    What’s the difference between ExileLife and Altis Life?
    Altis Life gameplay is focused more on recreating a "second life" experience, where you can live out childhood dreams of being a fireman or adult desires to commit crime. ExileLife gameplay is focused solely on your life as an Exiled inmate or Guard. Everyone on the island, including the guards, were exiled to this island. You won’t find speed cameras, invisible safe-zones, police patrolling the entire island, unlimited resources, and you won’t be safe everywhere you go.
    When is the Alpha?
    We won't commit to a specific date until we feel the game is ready to play. We still have a lot of things ahead of us. More details about Alpha and what that entails when we get closer to it. Short and sweet right? Don’t worry, it will be here soon™.
    How can I host this mod on my own server?
    The short answer is you can’t. The long answer is that we believe the experience of ExileLife will be degraded as more and more hosts come online. Due to “life” style servers requiring rules for Roleplay and each community having different beliefs on what those rules should be, the casual player would be screwed over. We believe that the only thing that should change across servers that you decide to play on should be the roleplay experience. The features, the mod, and rules should stay the same. 
    Where can I play it?
    Throughout the Alpha, Beta, and full release, We will be the sole hosts, providing the servers and administrative functions to run these servers. Servers will be located all over the world based on regional demand. 
    What are the requirements to play?
    Two mods, and that’s it. You will just need the latest version of Exile Mod and the latest version of ExileLife Mod. You can find both of these mods on our website, or on A3 Launcher. 
    Where can I go to ask other questions?
    We have a Q&A section on the forums, or you can ask questions on our Facebook and Twitter profiles, our Discord or even our subforum over on the Exile Mod forums. We will try to answer your question to the best of our abilities.